This 'Top of the Line' Electric Waterpik Toothbrush Has A Secret Feature — And It's 30% Off

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Modern electric toothbrushes aren’t just about brushing harder but also brushing smarter. This electric toothbrush by Waterpik, for example, doesn’t just vibrate with power; it’s USB-C rechargeable, has a two-minute timer for the dentist-recommended brush limit, three brushing modes including clean, stain removal and gum care, and a contoured brush head designed to reach the back of your teeth. “My teeth seem brighter after only a few uses,” says one reviewer who also describes this toothbrush as “top of the line.”

Its brush head, meanwhile, is also smart. “The toothbrush head is soft, with a wonderful feature,” explains one reviewer: “The bristles change from green to yellow when it is time to change the head.”

This Waterpik toothbrush comes with a USB-C charging stand, lasting up to 4 weeks per single charge, and has a travel case for easy packing. A non-slip grip helps you grab hold for a better brush, plus it has a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for some added peace of mind.

If you’re looking to brush with power, head over to Walmart to take advantage of this limited-time deal, and continue reading for some promising reviews.

“Waterpik has always been one of my favorite personal care brands because of its high-quality products. I was excited to receive and review the Waterpik Sensonic Sonic Electric Toothbrush. This is my honest review. My kit came with an electric toothbrush handle in a travel case, toothbrush head, charging base and cable. Everything needed to charge and use the toothbrush. This model has three modes to use: clean, stain removal, and gum care. I like that you get to choose which mode to use. My favorite is always the clean care. The toothbrush head is soft with a wonderful feature in that the bristles change from green to yellow when it is time to change the head. It also has high-low bristles that help with cleaning teeth and brushing away plaque. Dentists recommend changing the brush head every 3 months which is the same recommended for all toothbrushes. I went to the waterpik website and found that it will be easy to purchase replacements when needed. The dock is small, so it fits easily in a small space, perfect to have on my bathroom countertop. And it is nice to have a convenient place for your toothbrush that also keeps it charged. The storage case is great to use when traveling. My teeth and mouth always feel cleaner after I use a Waterpik electric toothbrush. I would recommend this Waterpik Sensonic Sonic Electric Toothbrush.” — KayBKay

“The Waterpik Sensonic Toothbrush cleans like a top-of-the-line toothbrush should. Its three modes―clean, stain removal and gum care―combine to leave your teeth and mouth feeling fresh and clean. As a die-hard coffee drinker, I especially appreciate the stain removal mode. My teeth seem brighter after only a few uses. The toothbrush itself is quite sleek and fits comfortably in the hand, and it comes with a streamlined carrying case that is perfect for travel. This product is a joy to recommend.” — Kris

“I love this toothbrush because it’s the perfect size for my small bathroom and it also comes with a travel case that I can take with me when I’m on the go. It’s lightweight, and the brush head is angled for those hard to reach spots. I also like the different settings for cleaning, gum care and stain removal. There’s even a handy 2-minute timer for thorough brushing! Its rechargeable battery lasts up to 4 weeks, and there’s a light indicator reminding me to recharge. I can’t say enough about how great this toothbrush is!” — DoryD

“I was using a replaceable battery unit when I got this one. I was pleasantly surprised. The unit is light and easy to handle. It is powerful, took me a couple of uses to get used to it bit now feels normal. Besides cleaning there are other settings for gum cleaning and stain removal. All work well, very versatile. I would defiantly recommend to anyone looking for a light, powerful brush.” — JJJP58

I’ve used several different brands of powered toothbrushes but this is the best so far. Waterpik is always a quality product. I’ve several showerheads as well as toothbrushes. Whenever a toothbrush quits after several years of use , I buy another. This new one is a step up. My dentist recommended waterpik to me long ago and I have had good results with check ups since and I am in my seventies. Buy the sonic toothbrush or just a waterpik in general . You won’t be disappointed.” — DoubleEagle


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