Grover Is Now a Reporter. Journalists Aren’t Optimistic.

Grover, the furry blue Muppet from “Sesame Street,” is known for working lots of jobs over the years, including astronaut and dentist. Now he is apparently a journalist.

“As a news reporter, I always do my research before I break a story,” he wrote Monday on X. “I am confident to report that you are so special and amazing!”

Some fellow journalists welcomed him into the profession, albeit with some ribbing about the reliability of his reporting and his professionalism. “Who are your sources,” wrote Danielle Kurtzleben, a reporter with National Public Radio, which published a separate news story about Grover’s foray into journalism.

Others predicted that his career would be short given the dire state of the news industry, which has been hit with unrelenting rounds of layoffs and closures in recent months while also struggling with reader fatigue.

“I regret to report a hedge fund has since purchased Grover’s paper and laid him off,” wrote S.P. Sullivan, a reporter with


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