Diogo Snow to Transform the Skies: Live Art Installation on a Private Jet at Art Basel Miami 2023

Miami, US. December 4, 2023 – Mediamark Digital

As the art world eagerly anticipates the upcoming Art Basel Miami 2023, a groundbreaking event is set to take center stage, blending the realms of contemporary art and luxury aviation. Renowned artist Diogo Snow, also known as D-Snow, will be showcasing his unique talents in an exclusive invite-only event titled “OFF WE GO MIAMI” with Avante Private Jets. Avante Private Jets, a Canadian-based company, stands at the forefront of luxury aviation. Beyond offering unparalleled services, the company prioritizes safety, environmental responsibility, and exceptional customer service.

Art Basel Miami 2023: A Fusion of Art and Luxury

Art Basel Miami 2023 promises to be a pinnacle of artistic expression, with leading galleries from five continents converging to showcase significant works by modern and contemporary masters alongside emerging talents. Adding an extra layer of opulence to the experience, Art Basel has partnered with the MICHELIN Guide to offer a premium dining experience, featuring the culinary expertise of L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon.

For art enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled experience, a USD 900 premium package provides access to exclusive events, including the Vernissage on December 7 and permanent access to the show on public days from December 8 to 10. Additionally, Premium Card holders enjoy complimentary access to select South Florida Art Museums throughout the week.

“OFF WE GO MIAMI” by Diogo Snow with Avante Private Jets

A highlight of Art Basel Miami 2023, “OFF WE GO MIAMI” with Avante Private Jets will feature the mesmerizing works of Diogo Snow. This invite-only event promises an immersive experience, showcasing new pieces from Diogo Snow’s gallery and a live art performance that goes beyond conventional boundaries.

During the event, Diogo Snow will undertake a live art installation, transforming a private jet from the prestigious Xinsurance fleet into a unique masterpiece. Guests will witness the intersection of aviation and artistry as the artist uses a mix of materials such as spray paint, acrylic, prints, leather, epoxies, and crystals to create a one-of-a-kind piece on the jet.

In addition to the artistic spectacle, “OFF WE GO MIAMI” will feature musical performances by DJ Tovitz and other notable artists. The culinary experience will be curated by Chef Ariel of Chef de la Mesa, ensuring that guests are treated to incredible cocktails and catering throughout the evening.

Diogo Snow: A Fusion of Urban and Modern Art

Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, and currently residing in Toronto, Diogo Snow has established himself as a prominent artist known for his unique blend of urban and modern art. His journey began with street art in his teens in Brazil, evolving into a passion that has taken him to new heights.

Using a variety of materials, including spray paint, acrylic, prints, leather, epoxies, and crystals, Diogo Snow’s art is a visual spectacle that captivates audiences worldwide. His portfolio includes murals inside the Picasso Mansion in Miami, installations in trending restaurants like Santorini Estiatorio and Vagabondo, and tribute pieces for renowned figures like Juice WRLD.

With a client list boasting names like Neymar Jr, Ronaldinho, Megan Stallion, Drake, and Justin Bieber, Diogo Snow continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression. His participation in “OFF WE GO MIAMI” at Art Basel Miami 2023 marks a significant moment where the skies become his canvas, merging the worlds of contemporary art and private aviation in a way that is bound to leave an indelible mark on both industries.

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