UEFA Conference League participant “Neftchi” and P&G brand “Braun” join for a promising partnership

In an exciting development, Procter & Gamble (P&G) has officially announced the extension of its partnership with Neftchi PFC for an additional year. Over the next year, P&G will continue its collaboration with Neftchi to promote its renowned “Braun” product line.

The agreement was solidified in the presence of Irakli Gabriadze, the General Director of P&G in the Caucasus and Middle East, and Farrukh Mahmudov, the Chief Executive Director of “Neftchi” PFC. This extension reaffirms the commitment of both parties to their successful partnership.

Irakli Gabriadze shared his thoughts on the extended cooperation: “Today marks a significant milestone in our partnership with ‘Neftchi’ PFC. We are thrilled to continue working together to bring ‘Braun’ products closer to Azerbaijani consumers. ‘Neftchi’ is a symbol of excellence in Azerbaijani football, and we are proud to align ‘Braun,’ a brand with over a century of history and commitment to quality, with this legendary club”.

Farrukh Mahmudov, the Chief Executive Director of “Neftchi” PFC, expressed his gratitude to the P&G company for their social responsibility and support for sports, especially football. He stated, “P&G is a global brand. They have consistently been chosen for their support of sports, particularly football. This marks the third year of our partnership with this company. It is a testament to the trust in ‘Neftchi”.

Captain Emin Makhmudov and Qara Qarayev, prominent members of the team, added their star power to the celebration.

The extension of this partnership between P&G and “Neftchi” PFC promises a year filled with exciting opportunities, both on and off the field. Fans can anticipate seeing the “Braun” brand prominently featured alongside the iconic “Neftchi” in the world of Azerbaijani football.

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