What the Super Bowl 2024 narratives get wrong about Brock Purdy

The Super Bowl is filled with storylines.

Will the Chiefs become the first team in two decades to win back-to-back titles? Will Patrick Mahomes keep pace with Tom Brady? Will the 49ers avenge their loss to Kansas City four years ago and win their first championship in 29 years? Will Taylor Swift show up on time?

It’s easy to envision another close title game, memorable performances from Christian McCaffrey and Travis Kelce, defensive havoc caused by Chris Jones and Nick Bosa, brilliant play-calling from Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan.

But what if the Super Bowl ends with a two-time MVP being denied another ring after throwing two interceptions, if the victor scores just one offensive touchdown and is led by a late-draft, second-year quarterback and perceived game manager who throws for 145 yards?


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