Shane Gillis blasts sports betting with hilarious ‘SNL’ skit: ‘Rock Bottom Kings’

“Saturday Night Live” guest host Shane Gillis and the rest of the SNL crew took some time to crush the wild sports betting advertising techniques in a faux DraftKings advertisement.

“We all know a friend who struggles with online gambling, a friend who is on the verge of losing everything: his house, his family, his entire life,” Keenan Thompson and Gillis said on ‘SNL.’

“And now you can bet on how he will lose it all with Rock Bottom Kings,” the two comedians said in the skit, showing off an app and logo that looks very similar to DraftKings Sportsbook.

“Rock Bottom Kings is the only app that lets you take prop bets about how your degenerate gambler friend is finally going to hit rock bottom.”

The purpose of the skit is a joke that DraftKings and other sports betting operators advertise winners despite some gamblers suffering from addiction and losing massive amounts of money.

SNL actor Andrew Dismukes also played a scenario where one person hits “rock bottom” by betting his child’s college fund on the coin toss.

They also theorized that someone with a true gambling addiction might take out a life insurance policy on their mom, which you would be able to bet on in the fake app at +425.

Shane Gillis made a hilarious skit on betting advertisement. Saturday Night Live Youtube

Another fake betting option is “Sets Up A Fake Go-Fund Me That Says He Has Leukemia +750.”

But don’t forget the parlays. SNL introduced a four-leg parlay on the gambler’s downfall.

Gets Divorced (+100) + Marries Rich Old Widow (+200) + Arrested for Elder Fraud (+300) + Fakes His Own Death But is Immediately Caught When He Uses An App to Gamble (1000/1).

Saturday Night Live took a wild parlay to a new level. Saturday Night Live Youtube

Long-time fans of satirical comedy shows might remember that John Oliver did a similar fake advertisement before sports betting even became legal, claiming people were addicted to playing daily fantasy.

Oddly enough, the comparison of sports betting and daily fantasy is an ongoing discussion for fans and players alike. PrizePicks and Underdog have been dominating the daily fantasy industry.

DraftKings was once a daily fantasy company. SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett

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This is while sports betting companies who once argued that fantasy sports betting wasn’t betting, are now attacking them for taking betting market share while masking as a fantasy sports service.

The massive amount of gambling advertisements, particularly during this year’s Super Bowl, has rubbed many the wrong way, so this skit might have just hit home for some who are tired of the constant of betting content.


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