Fanatics Sportsbook Promo: Earn $1,000 max bonus in Arizona, 17 other states

Fanatics Sportsbook is now in 18 states with Arizona joining the fold on Thursday. Most of Fanatics’ other state launches have come from existing PointsBet licenses being transferred over following their acquisition last year, but Arizona is a new state, so most bettors should be eligible for their 10-day, $100 bet match offer that can total $1,000 in bonus bets.

You can get started with $1,000 total in bonus bets/FanCash with Fanatics Sportsbook over your first 10 days on the platform by activating the offer here. Your first bet of the day for each of your first 10 days will be matched in bonus bets, up to $100 per day.

How the Fanatics Sportsbook offer works

The Fanatics offer is a little different from the traditional “bet/get” offers or first bet insurance promos.

It’s what we call a bet match, and it’s a pretty good offer if you have the patience to stick with it for 10 days.

Here are the basics — whatever you wager as your first bet each day for 10 days, you’ll get matched in bonus bets, up to $100. It doesn’t matter if the bet wins or loses, but it must be -200 or longer (meaning -150 is OK but -250 is not). Just make sure you opt-in each day.

Day 1: I bet $100 on the Thunder +9 against the Celtics. If they cover, I win my bet. But either way, I get $100 in bonus bets.

Day 2: I bet $50 on UConn moneyline against Iowa in the women’s NCAA Tournament as my first bet of the day. Regardless of what happens, I get $50 in bonus bets.

Day 3: I don’t make any bets, so I get $0 bonus bets.

This carries on for seven more days, where I can earn up to $700 bonus bets.

It makes sense to max out this offer for a few reasons:

  • Even if you go 4-6 on your $100 wagers and they’re all at -110, you’ll be down about $235 in cash, but you’ll have $1,000 in bonus bets. Even if you don’t use the bonus bets optimally, you can turn them into $300 to $500 in cash.
  • You don’t need to deposit $1,000. Because it’s $100 per day, you should still have cash from the previous day’s bets. If you deposit $400 and go 2-2 in your first four days, you’ll have lost about $20, but you’ll still have $380 cash in your account, plus $400 in bonus bets.

How to sign up at Fanatics

If you had a PointsBet account, your account will be transferred over to Fanatics. But since PB never operated in Arizona, that’s probably not the case for most people. If you do have an account, you’ll just login on Fanatics.

If you’re new to the platform, here’s how to sign up:

  1. Click here to activate the offer
  2. Enter all your real, accurate info. If you don’t, Fanatics can’t verify your identity, and you won’t be able to deposit/bet.
  3. Place your first bet up to $100. Whatever you bet, you’ll get matched in bonus bets.
  4. On Day 2, opt-in on the promos page and make another first bet up to $100. Whatever you bet, you’ll get matched in bonus bets.
  5. Repeat this for the next eight days.


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