What the Julius Randle-less Knicks can gather from history to fuel a playoff run

What do two of the most iconic shots in Knicks playoff history — Allan Houston’s series-clinching friendly-bounce running jump shot against the Heat and Larry Johnson’s four-point play against the Pacers — have in common?

Neither of the most memorable plays during the run to the 1999 NBA Finals was authored by a hobbled Patrick Ewing, who led those Knicks in points and rebounds per game during his age-36 regular season. In fact, Ewing wasn’t even available for the second of those shots.

History became relevant again Thursday when the Knicks announced Julius Randle — their second-best offensive player — is undergoing season-ending shoulder surgery. He hasn’t played since Jan. 27.

Knicks fans were entitled to a day to lick their wounds and feel sorry that they will never know what this season’s roster was capable of accomplishing at full strength, but now it’s time to move forward.


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