Juan Soto barely finished signing autographs in right field before Yankees’ first pitch

Juan Soto had a close call prior to the start of the game.

Thinking he had more time before the first pitch, Soto went to the stands in right field to sign some autographs, only to then realize that Nestor Cortes was about to start the game.

“I saw the clock, so I was hesitating because the game was supposed to start at 6:08,” Soto said after the Yankees’ 7-0 win on Monday. “So I had two minutes [to sign] and I turned around and Nestor was almost moving [on the mound]. I was like, ‘Oh my God.’”

Juan Soto signed autographs for Yankees fans right before first pitch was thrown Monday.
Juan Soto signed autographs for Yankees fans right before first pitch was thrown Monday. Robert Sabo for the NY Post

Getting an autograph from your favorite Yankee may not be the most unique story, but getting it from your favorite Yankee while they’re in the middle of playing the outfield is a lot more rare of a tale.

Video of the encounter quickly made its way around social media and depicted Soto looking at the fans with his glove under his arm as they tried to get his attention. 

Soto then looks back toward the pitcher’s mound to see if Cortes, who tossed eight scoreless innings Monday, was setting up to throw to the batter. 

The fan then tossed Soto a ball and marker for the autograph as fans around the man, wearing a navy blue jacket and Yankees cap, cheered. 

Soto was able to get the souvenir back to the fan and then set up for play to resume with time to spare. 

Monday ended up being a big night for Soto, as he hit his first Yankee Stadium home run of the year into right field stands. 

The fourth-inning blast was a three-run shot that put the Yankees up 6-0 over Miami. 

Soto made his home debut on Friday in the Yankees’ 3-0 loss to the Blue Jays, and he hit his first home run in pinstripes in a March 30 win over the Astros. 

The 25-year-old, whose contract will expire after the 2024 season, has quickly become a fan favorite in The Bronx, from his play on the field, as well as his interactions with fans.

“When they’re giving you a lot of love, you have to give love back,” Soto said.


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