Ranking the top 10 quarterbacks in 2024 NFL Draft

The Post’s Ryan Dunleavy gives his top 10 quarterbacks in this year’s NFL draft, based on evaluations and conversations with people around the league:

A “franchise-changer” with the off-script, varied arm-angle playmaking reminiscent of Patrick Mahomes. Excellent decision-maker and quick trigger on RPOs.

Caleb Williams AP

Looks for chunk gains, not checkdowns.

Unbeaten when USC defense allowed fewer than 34 points. Fumbled 33 times.

Not a cookie-cutter quarterback personality.

Threw 34 touchdowns and zero interceptions on 15-plus yard passes during 2023 Heisman Trophy-winning season.

Showed the pre- and post-snap command of a five-year starter. Slippery runner but slight frame prompts durability concerns.

Is he close to his ceiling?

Cue Lamar Jackson comparisons.

Jayden Daniels Getty Images

3. Drake Maye, North Carolina, 6-4, 223 pounds

Prototypical size — and sounds the part, too. Compared to Justin Herbert for arm talent.

Took a step back in 2023, but was it because of his own flaws or a weaker supporting cast?

Takes too many sacks given scrambling ability.

Boom-or-bust element.

4. J.J. McCarthy, Michigan, 6-2, 219 pounds

Polarizing prospect because he wasn’t asked to do more than be efficient as national champs racked up blowouts.

Scouts love a “winner,” but was he the reason?

Fit throws into tight windows, but his game is about being sound, poised, smart and on-time.

J.J. McCarthy Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

5. Michael Penix Jr., Washington, 6-2, 216 pounds

Four season-ending injuries (two ACLs, both shoulders) before back-to-back electric seasons.

Will he hold up physically?

Pocket passer who makes the deep throw look easy but misses too many gimmes.

His three-quarter arm angle isn’t for everyone. Radiates intensity and nerves of steel.

6. Bo Nix, Oregon, 6-2, 214 pounds

NCAA-record 61 career quarterback starts and top six in passing yards and total touchdowns.

Four-time captain and Campbell Trophy (academic Heisman) winner. Highly accurate rhythm passer.

Shows toughness after taking a licking.

Oregon’s offense relies on catch-and-release throws, so he rarely goes through reads.

Bo Nix Getty Images

7. Spencer Rattler, South Carolina, 6-0, 211 pounds

Former betting favorite to be No. 1 overall pick in 2022 draft.

Transferred from Oklahoma, where he had immature reputation, after losing starting job to Caleb Williams.

Inconsistent flashes of brilliance. Throws with anticipation.

Toes the line between aggressive and reckless.

8. Joe Milton III, Tennessee, 6-5, 235 pounds

Did you see him dropping 70-yard floaters at the NFL combine?

Or clocking a quarterback-best 62 mph fastball? If only his accuracy were as impressive.

Rare athlete but only completed 38 percent of 10-plus-yard throws in 2023, per Pro Football Focus.

Joe Milton III AP

9. Devin Leary, Kentucky, 6-1, 215 pounds

Numbers on the decline since 35-touchdown, five-interception season at North Carolina State in 2021. Big arm but also an ability to layer throws. Sells a play-action fake. Suffered two season-ending injuries (shoulder, leg). Will be 25-year-old rookie.

10. Jordan Travis, Florida State, 6-1, 200 pounds

Reportedly will be fully cleared by OTAs after breaking his leg in November. Escapability is his key to staying calm under pressure and ball security (two turnovers in 2023). Ball arrives too late sometimes — as if he doesn’t trust his eyes.

Jordan Travis Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Class superlatives

Late riser

J.J. McCarthy, Michigan: Could go as high as No. 2 overall — with a consensus floor of No. 6.

Best games were two of his final three and he has wowed in pre-draft interview settings.

Former coach Jim Harbaugh is his biggest cheerleader.

Falling fast

Bo Nix, Oregon: First-round grades are being “forced” off great intangibles, one scout said.

So many games, so few examples of him staring down pocket pressure and allowing plays to develop.

If not to Sean Payton’s Broncos at No. 12, could face a Will Levis-like drop.

Small-school wonder

Michael Pratt, Tulane, 6-2, 217: Four-year starter with 90 touchdowns passing and 28 more rushing.

Smart distributor who rarely puts the ball in harm’s way but doesn’t rack up big plays.

Good arm strength to the sidelines. Delivery can get too long.


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