Mel Kiper has no cell phone and four landlines, Todd McShay stunningly confirms

You will often see NFL insiders like Adam Schefter on their cell phones live on TV now in the have-to-be-first world of breaking news.

Now picture the complete opposite of that — and that’s where Mel Kiper lands.

Former ESPN analyst Todd McShay confirmed to Barstool’s “Pardon My Take” that Kiper does not own a cell phone, but somehow has four — and maybe even five — landlines in his house.

Mel Kiper Jr. in a suit and tie on the set of ESPN SportsCenter in Nashville, Tennessee
Mel Kiper has been a staple of ESPN’s NFL Draft coverage for four decades. AP

McShay explained that he has to text Kiper’s wife, Kim, to set up a phone call with Mel.

“So, I’ve got to work through it and I’ll always bust him on that,” McShay said. “And the problem is you call the house and Kim will pick up and be like, ‘Hey.’ I’ll talk to Kim for 10 minutes before I even get to Mel.”

“And then Mel will pick up from a different landline. It’s not like a cell phone at home. It’s back in the ’80s where you hear another phone. ‘Hey, Todd, how are you? What’s going on?’ It’s definitely a throwback to my childhood. I don’t even know what it was for you guys … I just picture Kiper pacing with the cord getting stuck around him.”

McShay and Kiper worked for years together as ESPN’s top draft gurus, often furiously debating top prospects.

McShay was let go by ESPN as part of the network’s layoffs in June 2023.

“Just want to take a minute to say thank you! The outpouring of support during draft season has been noticed and greatly appreciated,” McShay wrote on X last week.

Todd McShay revealed Mel Kiper does not have a cell phone.
Todd McShay revealed Mel Kiper does not have a cell phone. Pardon My Take/X

“As for next week’s draft, I’m sitting this one out on TV due to obvious contract limitations but it’s business as usual around here!… Thanks again for all the support and inquiries on where to find me during the 2024 draft. I can’t wait to get back out there and will keep you posted on what’s coming next!”

Kiper, 63, has been a part of ESPN’s NFL draft coverage since 1984 and will be again this year when the coverage begins with the first round on Thursday.


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