APEX CEO Antonio Cacorino Joins SportsPro OTT Summit for Tech-Driven Sports Insights

Madrid, Spain. November 27, 2023 / Mediamark Digital /

Antonio Cacorino, the Founder & CEO at APEX, is set to share the stage with industry peers Joey Brander and Xavier Green at the SportsPro OTT Summit in Madrid on November 29, 2023. The panel will hone in on the daily impact of technology on sports consumption, with a spotlight on the transformative ways fans engage with their favorite sports.

Cacorino, brimming with excitement, looks forward to discussing not only industry trends but also the personal aspect of the business. APEX’s strategic investments in TMRW Sports and ScorePlay will take center stage, providing a glimpse into the future of sports entertainment.

The panel promises a quick yet insightful exploration of technological innovations in sports consumption, the industry-wide ramifications of strategic investments, and the collaborative spirit that fuels innovation. As the SportsPro OTT Summit unfolds, this session is sure to offer a condensed but compelling look into the dynamic fusion of sports and technology.

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