Shusha Global Media Forum: Inspiring Unity Among Media Visionaries Worldwide

The Shusha Global Media Forum 2023, themed “New Media in the Era of the 4th Industrial Revolution,” commenced today in Shusha, Azerbaijan. The forum brings together media professionals, government officials, civil society representatives, and experts from across the globe to explore the transformative impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on the media industry.

In a significant address at the Shusha Global Media Forum, Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev highlighted key topics including the advancements in new media and the strategic importance of Azerbaijan in the region. With the widespread adoption of advanced technologies and digitization, the media landscape is rapidly evolving, prompting a reimagining of business models by both local and international media outlets. Azerbaijan’s ongoing media reforms have paved the way for aligning its media with modern standards and fostering creative ideas to meet global demands.

The event aims to analyze global media trends, strengthen national opportunities, foster international collaboration, and delve into the challenges and opportunities presented by “Industry 4.0” in the media sector. By facilitating dialogues and knowledge exchange, the forum seeks to unlock new possibilities for content creation, consumer behavior, media-business interactions, and overall industry development.

With over 200 participants from local and international media, government officials, business leaders, media freedom advocates, international organizations, scientists, and experts, the Shusha Global Media Forum 2023 envisions a future where media plays a pivotal role in driving state-building, democracy, economy, culture, and various other spheres of human endeavor.

The Shusha Global Media Forum commenced on July 21 and is set to last for three days.


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