“Parlaq Imzalar” Reports Man Booker International Prize Winner Jokha Alharthi’s Attendance at IX Baku International Book Fair

New York, NY. November 6, 2023 / Mediamark Digital /

The anticipation for the upcoming IX Baku International Book Fair reaches new heights as the organizers announce the distinguished presence of Jokha Alharthi, the celebrated Omani author and winner of the prestigious Man Booker International Prize 2019. In a collaborative effort with the esteemed Azerbaijani publishing house, “Parlaq Imzalar” (Bright Signatures), the fair aims to create an unforgettable experience for literary enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

Jokha Alharthi, known for her captivating storytelling and profound literary insights, is set to grace the event with her remarkable presence. “Parlaq Imzalar” basks in the glory of their notable publication, ‘Sayyidat al-Qamar’ (Ladies of the Moon) authored by Jokha Alharthi. This compelling masterpiece claimed the prestigious Man Booker International Prize in 2019, solidifying its place as a captivating work of contemporary literature. Having introduced the author’s book to Azerbaijani readers, the collaboration has been instrumental in fostering cultural exchange and promoting a deeper understanding of Omani literature within the region.

The IX Baku International Book Fair, scheduled from November 11th to 15th at the Baku Expo Center, stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of literary exploration and the promotion of diverse cultural narratives. With the support of “Parlaq Imzalar,” the fair endeavors to create an immersive and engaging environment for participants, fostering dialogue, and igniting a passion for literature among attendees.

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